I recently discovered a great tool that not only helps you stay active on Pinterest but helps you exceed and rapidly grow your Pinterest account. This is my number one go-to Pinterest automation tool that I recommend for 2018.

Pinterest is a great platform for business to drive traffic to your website and to increase sales of your products or services. However, Pinterest is only a useful platform if you spend the time to use it the correct way.

Most of us don’t have the time to both run our businesses and spend a ton of time on social media platforms like Pinterest, even though the social media platforms are what we need in order to grow our businesses.

This automated Pinterest tool uses all of the very best techniques that are necessary to grow your Pinterest following.

You can set it up to fully automate tasks like pinning other people’s pins to your boards, follow and unfollow people, schedule pins from different websites, comment on pins, and invite other pinners to your group boards.

You can also set it up to pin your latest content from your website, automatically.

Honestly, with this tool, you’ll never have to actually be on Pinterest if you didn’t want to.

With PinPinterest, it’s like hiring a personal assistant to run your Pinterest account for you, without the expensive price tag. This platform allows you to automate your follows, unfollows, board invites and Pins.

Don’t just take my word for it, check PinPinterest out for yourself.

Watch my video tutorial on how to use Pinpinterest and see how I quickly I grew my following in just seven days during the free trial they offer.

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