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If you haven’t heard the Vero app yet, it’s basically a new social media platform that launched in 2015.

The developers of the app claim that the platform is a true social media platform that allows you to share content the way you want to.

The makers of the app made an announcement that they would allow the first one million people to have access to the platform for free and then they would charge new users to have access to it.

However, since obtaining their first one million users, Vero has experienced some technical issues due to the influx of new users. Because of this, they have are allowing more users to access the platform for free for the time being.

The Hashtag Movement

Considering that Vero is a new platform, many are surprised that there is already a hashtag movement going on #deletevero, urging people to either not join or delete their accounts so that the company can go bankrupt.


According to USA Today, one of the co-founders of Vero, Ayman Hariri, is accused of being apart of some very shady and unethical business practices with a Saudi construction company he was the CEO of. However, Hariri contests that he left that company before those unscrupulous events took place and he affirms that he had nothing to do with it.


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