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The Profitable Online Business Mastermind


Anyone can start an online business. But will it be profitable? In this 8-week consulting mastermind you’ll learn everything you need to know to start and scale a profitable online business. Working for yourself means you set your own schedule and there’s no glass ceiling to your income potential.

While owning your own online business sounds like a dream, the reality is, without the right guidance, training, and community to support you it’s easy to fail.

Inside this 8-week immersive program, you get 24/7 access to a Facebook group of your peers, weekly business-building activities, and group consulting calls with Geneva.

It’s Time You Shape Your Future

Here’s a secret: the decisions you make today will shape your tomorrow. You get to choose your future. No matter where you’re starting from — whether you have a full-time job and want your own online business, or you’ve already started your business but you want to scale with more clarity on how to do that — The Profitable Online Business Mastermind is an 8-week long program that can change everything for you.



Create, launch and scale your dream online business.

  • 100% Online.
  • Join from anywhere in the world!
  • Weekly group consulting calls with Geneva.
  • Access to a private online community alongside your fellow Profitable Online Business Mastermind members.

What’s Inside the ONline Business mastermind?

Week 1: The Foundation Of Setting Up An Online Business

Wondering how and where to start? Start here. 

In this first week you will:

  • Learn how to nail down and validate your business idea by conducting market research on your desired industry and niche. And learn why it’s crucial to your success.
  • Develop a strategic business plan and determind the best business models for you.

Value $387​ Included in The Profitable Online Business Mastermind

Week 2: Structure Your Business & Setup

Now that you’ve done your research and setup a solid strategic plan, it’s time to make it official and form your business.

In this second week you will:

  • Structure your business and determine startup expenses.
  • Setup initial business tools, financial accounts, social media accounts and websites if applicable.

Value $497​ Included in The Profitable Online Business Mastermind

Week 3: Brand Development & Strategy

It’s official you have a business. Now let’s turn that business into an unforgettable brand.

In this third week you will:

  • Determine your brand’s personality and how it will communicate with your ideal audience so that they resonate with your brand’s message.
  • Develop your brand’s mission statement, colors and social media templates for a consistent presence across all platforms.

Value $597​ Included in The Profitable Online Business Mastermind

Week 4: Content Development & Systems Setup

Now that you have a distinguishable brand identity, voice and message, it’s time to develop content for your brand to start attracting your ideal audience.

In this fourth week you will:

  • Develop content for your website if applicable.
  • Learn how to setup a social media content calendar and develop your content in advance in bulk.
  • Setup a simple email opt-in and funnel.
  • Setup your social media and email automations.

Value $597​ Included in The Profitable Online Business Mastermind

Week 5: Setup Your Monetization

You now have a solid content development strategy. Now you need to develop your products or services that you will actually be selling in order to make a profit.

In this fifth week you will:

  • Develop your signature product or offer for your brand.
  • For wholesale products, you’ll learn how to source white label manufacturers.
  • Optimize your social media and online storefronts.
  • Finalize Your Website (if applicable).

Value $449​ Included in The Profitable Online Business Mastermind

Week 6: Setup Your Network

At this point, your business is fully setup and you’re ready to get your brand out there. 

In this sixth week you will:

  • Learn how to leverage your current network.
  • Learn how to setup mutually beneficial business relationships on a barter system.
  • Learn how to quickly expand your network of professionals and potential clients.

Value $197​ Included in The Profitable Online Business Mastermind

Week 7: Promote Your Business

You have your network and support teams in place, and now you’re ready to get your brand out in front of your ideal audience.

In this seventh week you will:

  • Learn how to get your network to promote your business.
  • Learn how to promote your business on social media using both the “free” and paid ads methods.
  • Learn how to leverage earned media to boost your brand awareness.
  • Learn techniques that will help with both SEO and brand awareness.

Value $197​ Included in The Profitable Online Business Mastermind

Week 8: Client Acquisition

You’ve started the process of building brand awareness and promotion. Now it’s time to turn your ideal audience into paying customers or clients.

In this final week you will:

  • Figure out where your ideal client or customers hang out online, identify them and attract them to you.
  • Figure out what your ideal client needs to hear from you and how to share that message in a way that makes them want to purchase.

Value $497​ Included in The Profitable Online Business Mastermind

Payment Plan

(First Payment Upfront Then Second Payment in Four Weeks)
  • Weekly Group Consulting Calls
  • Weekly Business-Building Activities
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Business Foundation Setup
  • Brand Development & Promotion 
  • Includes workbooks, checklists and much, much more!









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