If you need to bring on more people to run your business, then you might wonder what qualities you should look for in candidates. Hard skills, such as search engine optimization and other marketing-specific skills, are skills that require proven track records and knowledge base from independent contractors. But you should also be looking for some soft skills, such as the ability to collaborate with others and take feedback. Here are a few things you should think about when trying to incorporate these qualities into your hiring practices.

How Can Independent Contractors Fit Within Your Business Model?

To hire effectively, you need to know what qualities you’re looking for. Do you want people who are willing to go above and beyond their assignment? Are you looking for candidates who understand how to effectively talk to each other about problems they encounter? Before hiring independent contractors, take a good look at the industry that your business is in, and then think about the common struggles you face. This will help you find contract workers who not only meet your current needs but also function as team players within your business.

Does Your Freelancer Have Good Communication?

This skillset is of utmost importance in all industries. You’re looking for workers who are able to effectively communicate with you and their fellow contractors about problems that arise and how to fix them. You can try to ask questions that will let you know more about their personality, but you can also incorporate a personality test into the interview process in order to determine their communication skills.

Emotional intelligence and personality assessments can also give insight into candidates’ social skills, empathy levels, reaction to criticism, and honesty. Individuals who work well in teams can be identified in part by highly accurate and validated tests. By assessing a candidate’s personality, you’ll also gain insight into their level of humility and whether or not they are teachable.

Is Your Contractor Truly Competent In Their Area of Expertise?

Some independent contractors think that showing confidence and having gumption will get them the job, but don’t be fooled by false confidence. Ideal candidates are incredibly knowledgeable and competent in their area of expertise. However, the best quality they can possess is humility because that’s what will make them teachable.

A desire to learn should be one of the most important qualities that you look for in any candidate for a long-term contract. Real confidence is associated with a person’s ability to admit when he or she has something to learn. These are qualities that are difficult or even impossible to teach, but they’re also essential to working on a team.

Creating a great team is possible, but you want to ensure that you’re starting with the right candidates. One or two negative attitudes can sour the experience for everyone else. Take the time to find candidates who can grow and bring others together.

If you are in need of some guidance on hiring independent contractors to help grow your brand, book a consultation with me today.

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