A Facebook business page can help you get greater visibility for your business. More consumers are turning to Facebook to find businesses, and you can tell them a lot about yourself through this opportunity. The goal is for people to ‘like’ your page so that they can follow what’s going on with the enterprise. Here are a few tips to help you build a strong page.

High Resolution Images

High-resolution images will ensure that you have great photos showing up across your Facebook page. Otherwise, you run the risk of too much grain. According to Social Report, “it’s important to use an image size guide so you know what the desired resolution is for the different areas where you will be posting. A standard page post employs a different size than your cover image. Without using the right size, you could end up with some less-than-desirable cropping.”

Below are the recommended video and image sizes for Facebook 2019. Having the correct image dimensions will save you a lot of aggravation in the long run.

The images that you use should tell a story. Whenever possible, use real photos of customers, employees or products as opposed to stock photos. They’re more authentic, and they’ll help with your brand perception.

Engage Regularly on Your Facebook Business Page

It’s important that you don’t appear as though you have no interest in your own business. After all, if you can’t bother to post, why should people bother to follow you?

According to Podium, “four simple, yet highly effective, ways you can engage are: Post at the right time, incorporate more videos, ask customers what they think, and try going live.” If you don’t have a lot of time, you can schedule your content to post automatically. You might also consider hiring a social media manager.

Regular engagement can be extremely helpful since it will show that your Facebook page is active. This can also ensure that your posts are visible to more of your followers.

Change Up the Content

Your content doesn’t have to be in the same format post after post. Instead, change the basic concept. Create a poll, run a contest, share a photo or video, ask questions and educate. People are more likely to engage with your content (and share it) when they find value in it.

Not everyone will find value in the same content, so you will need different content to appeal to the diverse demographic groups that may access your Facebook business page. According to Social Media Today, “there are plenty of social media content ideas available to keep your posts from growing stagnant. Quizzes and polls are always popular, contests and sweepstakes almost always have high engagement, interactive videos and other content also generally has great ROI.”

Utilize the Facebook Tools

Facebook wants your business page to succeed as much as you do, which is why they have provided you with an array of tools. It’s up to you to use them. First, be sure that you include all the details throughout your page, including a great photo and plenty of information in the ‘About’ section. Use a call-to-action button, too, which can send people to your website or invite them to make an appointment. You can also promote your page by creating an ad, allowing you to generate even more followers. According to Qwaya, “there are many great tools and tool sets that can greatly help in your business progress. Like Facebook Ads, ad scheduler, URL builder, Google analytics, and more!”

A Facebook business page can be one of the best marketing tools you could create. With such an advantage available at no cost, why wouldn’t you use it to engage your audience?

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